Download Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop (Windows and Mac)

Now you can get Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop powered up with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MacOS/OS X. You can download Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop from The game offers amazing new features. Read out what it has to offer and then go through the guide to install Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop right away.

Caller Name Announcer for PC Features and Description:

Caller Name Announcer for PCCaller Name Announcer for PC

Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer incoming call and messages announcer,

Caller Name Announcer will not work if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library but this is not a problem you can easily "DOWNLOAD" it from Google play store.
Caller Name Announcer automatically announces incoming caller names, message sender's name and reads message content. we can easily judge whether to attempt the call when you are in driving, bathing, exercising, meeting or sleeping. Caller Name Announcer is an easy to use caller name announcer app which uses the phenomenon of text to speech and announce Caller Name Announcer or SMS sender name or notification caused app name.
Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speaks the incoming caller name or SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.
Caller Name Announcer is a Phone number or Caller Name Talker application. Caller Name Announcer Speaker announces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read the content of SMS.

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How to use Caller Name Announcer:
* Simply install this caller app, it automatically announces caller names id and messages.
* You can start or stop service any time in the app settings
* To read message content: Go to Sms settings and Enable Message Content.

Caller Name Announcer speaker and SMS Talker speaks out name of the caller id on Incoming phone call or SMS and also in app like facebook, whatsapp, gmail, yahoo, twitter, instagram, bbm, wechat, badoo and other social media. In situations where you are driving and the Phone is in your pocket, or in another room, it help you to identify who is calling you without picking your phone or looking at the screen.
Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in a situation like if you are driving and the phone is in your pocket or some one sends you an SMS while your smart phone is in other room.
Caller Name Announcer comes with two different setups, first is Simple Setup to enable or disable voice announcement on Call, SMS & Notification and the second is Advance Setup to customize voice announcements through Contacts for call & SMS, Apps for notifications, Time, Sound Mode and Battery Level and adjust Voice through Pitch, Speech rate, Repeats and Delay in voice setting page.

Uses of Caller Name Announcer
* Identify who's calling when you were in driving.
* You Can know who is calling or listen message content when you are busy on your jobe or your home
* You Can Know who's calling or listen message content when you were bathing,
* You Can Know who's calling while mobile charging

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***************Caller Name Announcer Features :*********************

* you can Enable and Disable SMS announcer
* Select Count to repeat the Caller Name Announcer
* Choose time delay in between the announcements
* Announce call received from person not in contact list
* Choosing delay time between announcements.
* Turn off Announce while silent option is available.
* Custom Ringtones settings.
* Custom Volume Settings.
* Customize Profile Settings
* Customize Volume Settings
* Caller Name Announcer is completely free download.
* Notify on all incoming calls. By speaking Caller Name Announcer.
* Customize your own voice message during incoming calls and sms
* Enable or Disable Answer call by shaking mobile
* You can Turn on/off Announcements for unknown calls and sms
* Customize Audio Settings
* Customize Voice Settings
* Enable or disable speaking Caller Name Announcer.
* Change repeat mode ID.
* Custom Ringtones settings.
* Enable or disable incoming SMS sender name id only.
* Enable or disable incoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.
* Set your Message before and after caller name manually.
* Speaks message sender name. With full call/SMS content reading.
* With this Caller Name Announcer app, You can Change repeat mode announcements.

DOWNLOAD Caller Name Announcer NOW. and Get voice alerts on every Call, SMS & Notification.

Method#1: Download Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop (Windows and Mac)

  1. Download and install BlueStacks | Bluestacks 2 | Andy OS | Remix OS Player | Remix OS on your Windows PC and Mac.
  2. Assuming that you have installed BlueStacks, or BlueStacks 2 as they are the very first preferences, open the install app player now.
  3. Make sure that you have already setup BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 app player.
  4. Now in the app player, either click the search icon appearing on the homescreen or click the Android icon in BlueStacks 2 and click on the search icon.
  5. In search, type “Caller Name Announcer” and search it using Google Play Store.
  6. As soon as Caller Name Announcer appears in the Play Store, install it.
  7. The new installed game or app will appear under “All Apps” tab on the home-screen or inside the Android tab on BlueStacks 2.
  8. Open the game or app and start playing/using the game/app by following the on-screen instructions.
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Method#2: Download Caller Name Announcer for PC and Laptop using APK file

  1. Download Caller Name Announcer APK file.
  2. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed an app player like BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2.
  3. Now double click the downloaded APK file and let BlueStacks install it.
  4. Once done, the new installed app or game will appear under “All Apps” tab on homescreen or in Android tab.
  5. Click the app icon and follow on-screen instructions to enjoy it now. That’s all.

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